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2D and 3D Graphical Design Retrieval

CADFind is 2D and 3D CAD search tool which allows reuse of existing parts and drawings to help reduce part duplication and costs that are associated with designing new parts.

Key Benefits:

  • All of your parts are stored in a single repository that can be searched by all the design team at any time
  • Part repositories are easily maintained using CADFind's unique 'one click' process
  • Allows designers to find similar parts during the design stage
  • Downstream cost savings; tooling, materials and designs can be reused
  • Prevention of design duplication
  • Part Standardization
  • Finding duplicate parts will help rationalize your part repositories

Latest News

CADFind is awarded the Desktop Engineering Readers’ Choice Award.

CADFind becomes a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner product.

CADFind launches new Group Technology capabilities for cellular manufacturing

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